Covid Pre-cautions at a Coffee Cafe (15/31 MARCH SOLSC) #sol22

Over the weekend, Nathan and I took one of our longer walks to a restaurant village area near a park.

We often enjoy going into the coffee shop that is in this plaza.

However, something peculiar happens when we walk in during the pandemic.

You walk into a world that looks like COVID-19 never happened.

Customers are not spaced out and no one in line has a mask on.

Most people are very smiley and hanging with multiple friends and hugging.

It’s like a time warp back to 2019.

Except —

for some of the workers who still have masks on

for the panic and confusion that sets in with myself

for the odd looks I can feel while I wear a mask

for the possible cases the customers are bringing in and spreading with each other

for the fact that coronavirus isn’t a thing of the past.

We don’t go in this coffee shop very much anymore, but when I do, I always hope something will be different and they’ll be a glimmer of cautiousness.

This weekend was one of the worst for no masks. However, the state of CA has lifted the mask mandate for indoors so I suppose they are following the laws – but I believe it is still necessary not to act like everything is back to the world we knew in 2019.

9 thoughts on “Covid Pre-cautions at a Coffee Cafe (15/31 MARCH SOLSC) #sol22

  1. Oh wow, this would make me so uncomfortable! I have students out quarantining right now because they had family diagnosed with covid. It’s not over! And we seem incapable of learning the lesson of remaining cautious as numbers do go down. SIGH.


    1. I definitely was uncomfortable! Just needed to use their bathroom and got the heck of there. I think people who don’t have kids or access to a place where cases are still occurring often just don’t get it. If they are still virtual or aren’t getting tested often, they may just be listening to the news without thinking about spikes etc. It just frustrates me mostly


    1. It’s tough to know how safe things are when each state has guidelines based on their numbers. And the research hasn’t shifted too much from beginning of omicron surges. I hope I don’t need as worried soon. It’s also tough because I work with a toddler who isn’t vaccinated so need to wary


  2. Oh no, that’s scary to me. Almost no one in my apartment community wears a mask anymore too and they get in the elevator one after another, so uncomfortable. My school has lifted the mask mandate only outside, but all of my students still keep them on. They are cautious. Adults should too.


    1. Hmm I’m glad we moved to an apartment that has its own front door now for that reason.. the elevator no masks was nuts! That’s good the kids are still cautious but some adults are so lax for some reason..


  3. This past weekend I was in a popular chain store… I counted (in about a 15 minute trip) only 6 other people with masks on. It is scary how lax everyone is when it is NOT completely gone.

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