Brain’s a blur (20/31 MARCH SOLSC) #sol22

As today is zooming by, I have been trying to think about what to write. Now that we are over halfway (!), it can be tough to think of unique stories for my posts.

I went back to last year to see if I could do a time capsule post with a reflection of what I was I doing on this day a year ago.

BUT I jumped from 19/31 to 21/31 due to forgetting to write on 20/31!

Today was tough last year as well I guess haha

2 thoughts on “Brain’s a blur (20/31 MARCH SOLSC) #sol22

  1. I struggled yesterday. I wonder what it is about this time in the challenge that makes it so difficult to find writing ideas??? It’s funny how this date coincided with you last year too!

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