Well, that was unexpected!

This is in response to The Procrastinators Weekly Prompt using the word “unexpected.”

Thump thump thump


Sniff sniff

Thump thump thump

Rustle rustle

Bat bat bat



Playtime turned ugly last night after batting my bell ball around and doing a few laps around the bed. I unexpectedly ended up slapping my new mom in the eye.. I was really trying to stay behind her head with my laps, but I missed where I was running to. After I heard her shout, I stopped playing and came over to check if she was ok. She snuggled me for a little while but then got up and I didn’t see her again for a long time.

She finally came back in when the sun was shining and laid down, but with something covering her eyes. I really wanted to know if she was alright! When the eye covering came off, her eyes were both still there…PHEW, I thought. I did see a pretty big red mark on one of her eyes and she was now wearing these blue goggle things instead of before when I could snuggle closer to her face.

I’m glad she isn’t too badly hurt!

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