Into a seabird’s soul

This post is in response to The Procrastinators’ Weekly Prompt about Windows.

The peace these two feel roosting on the chicks that have just hatched is remarkable.

This nesting pair waited nervously and hopefully for this moment.

For sea birds who mate for life, this is their main purpose. They often part ways once the young have fledged, but reuniting each time every year at the same nesting site is so powerful for them.

I have always felt connected to nature and enjoy documentaries about animals.

I would love to have captured this sneaky photo in Fresno Del Rio, Cantabria.

4 thoughts on “Into a seabird’s soul

  1. I enjoyed your seabird musings, Hannah. You were lucky with your WindowSwap! When we did it during our writing session, it was mostly industrial settings, nothing like the beauty of your window! Eventually, we settled for a window into a snowy garden. Love the title ‘Into a seabird’s soul’, very evocative.

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