Friends? (DAY 1/31 MARCH SOL)

Do you want to hang out sometime? It seems like we could be friends based on our similar interests. Sorry if this text was weird.

As I eagerly wait for the response, thoughts go through my head about how I should have reworded the text or not added the part about how this is probably weird.

She replies quicker than I thought which could be bad because she was in fact uncomfortable as I’m just helping her try to catch her lost cat and we currently only text about that and she doesn’t need any more friends.

As I get ready to open the message, nerves fill my body and I get sweaty just because I put myself out there. I remember my mother-in-law’s voice saying “I texted all my neighbors during the pandemic asking if they would be my friend. All that can happen is they say no.”

BUT she says “I would love that! I felt the same but was nervous to say it as well :D”

It feels really nice to start making a new connection and have a new friend!

Thank you brain for saying to just go for it.

6 thoughts on “Friends? (DAY 1/31 MARCH SOL)

  1. What a heartwarming exchange to share with us as a small moment! And I really like how you included your mother-in-law’s pandemic advice. So glad it was a win!
    One small suggestion- it really works how you put your original text in italics. Why not also put her response in italics?

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  2. Hi, Hannah!

    I love that you put yourself out there! I completely understand the nerves when it comes to trying to make plans with people. I still get nervous asking my best friend to hangout with me. I am glad that things worked out for you! I hope you create many fun memories with this new friend.

    Thanks for sharing!

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