Reuniting is the best feeling (DAY 24/31 MARCH SOL)

You were initially a no-name cat who was living in our apartment garage in December.

Then your owner was found in January and you were given the name of Butterfinger.

You were VERY skiddish and just wanted food – but no shelter or getting in a trap for you!

You have been wandering the nearby streets and our complex for months getting fed as well as becoming a star of the apartment Facebook page.

BUT today, you are going back home! Someone fed you, let you inside last night during the rain and contacted your owner.

7 thoughts on “Reuniting is the best feeling (DAY 24/31 MARCH SOL)

    1. Yea everybody was so concerned for the little guy! Mainly making sure he wasn’t hungry – she said he is so fairly chunky now hahah! So glad that he is back home with her (even if it was months later!)


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