Shifting jobs brings some sadness (DAY 23/31 MARCH SOL)

I have been working two part-time jobs as a nanny of two children since 2020 and at an animal hospital since last year.

Throughout my first year, I discovered that I enjoy working with animals and would like to do that full-time.

I have watched the girl grow from aged 10 months to now at almost 3 and a half! We have really bonded 🙂

A full-time job opened up at the animal hospital and I decided to take it. I know it will be hard on the kids and the parents, but I also know it’s right for me to choose a passion and possible new career path.

I still get to be in their lives as we will be doing monthly date nights where I’ll come babysit, but I know the little girl will probably have trouble understanding where I went as well as why I’m not picking her up from daycare and playing with her every day anymore. It will be hard for me emotionally knowing that she will be upset.

I’m glad I will be choosing one job that is full time and that I love to do though! I’ll be working normal 8 to 5 hour days rather than 8-12 and 2-8 some days which was exhausting.

Why can’t there be two of me so I can work full time at the vet and part time nannying simultaneously?

5 thoughts on “Shifting jobs brings some sadness (DAY 23/31 MARCH SOL)

  1. So difficult to leave something (someone) you love for something you know is the right thing! Hopefully they will find someone just as wonderful to make it a smooth transition for the little one.

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