You should be dancing! (DAY 22/31 MARCH SOL)

I always loved dancing and using that as my cardio workouts! I go line dancing a few times a month as well as attend Zumba classes.

But what about me teaching a Zumba class? Ive thought about it a few times but never really knew how to approach it.

Earlier this year, my friend, who started teaching Zumba at her church, joined this training program and told me I should check it out.

I’m now almost 2/3 of the way done with the videos online and am so excited to find a space to teach!

In 2021, I also created dances for my husband and my first dance, the father/daughter dance, and the guests at our wedding to perform so I think I can succeed in coming up with fun dance moves 🙂

Part of father daughter dance 🙂

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