Bonding with a baby

I work for Kindercare as an extra job on top of substituting in elementary schools; and today, I realized that my eating habits are very similar to the toddlers in my classroom.

I knew that I ate little and often (which can be annoying when you don’t have a snack always handy); however, towards the end of the day around 5, I was getting pretty hangry and there was one baby left in my room. After already eating most of the children’s snack at 3 because it was tortillas and cheese, which apparently they do not like (!), it was once again time for me to find food. There were two probably stale graham crackers in the closet, but me and this baby were DESPERATE. I broke hers up into little pieces and sat next to her, in chair that is far too small for my body, and we bonded with grunts and smiles. It wasn’t the best food experience when it comes to what I ate, but it was a great one for making a memory 🙂

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