January Top 12 Tracks

Starting last March, I began creating playlists to document my favorite songs from each month (and a “top of the year”). I was inspired by MY DAD who has been making playlists after listening to John Peel, a famous British radio host, who did lists as well. I listen to a variety of music from my records, recommendations of friends and family, as well as podcasts like “All Songs Considered” or “Sound Opinions.”

Since it is only the first day of February, I am posting the Top 12 songs that made it for January (and the Near Misses). I have found that I often end up with about 25-30 songs in my memo for the month’s songs, and it can be tough to delete some so I decided to keep track of Near Misses as well.

This doesn’t fully eliminate the problem however, because I still have to choose the main 12 for the actual list. There are some songs with which I know immediately after hearing them that they need to be in the list! But with the ones without a celebratory asterisk (or two), I find myself listening to each song once through – if I still can’t decide between a couple, then I just do the first few seconds and the ones that draw me in right away, make the cut.


In no particular order, my January Top 12

“Happy” Mitski

“HEAVN” Jamila Woods

“Electric Abdomen” Landlady

“Flipside” Norah Jones

“With every beat” The Features

“This Bed” Horsefeathers

“Steer your way” Leonard Cohen

“Palm Lines” Lowland Hum

“Work” Charlotte Day Wilson

“Emily’s Theme” Nathan Engelmann (still in production, but from my boyfriend!)

“On the run” The Flaming Lips

“Please Be Naked” The 1975

Near Misses

“Could I Be” Sylvan Esso

“Hold Me Close” Overcoats

“City of Stars” Ryan Gosling

“Still Waking Up” Tim Darcy

“Mia and Sebastian’s Theme” LaLaLand

“A Change of Heart” The 1975

“Much Farther to Go” Rosie Thomas

“Section 26 (We Crawl)” The Polyphonic Spree

“This Disorder” The Features

“Rude to Rile” Horsefeathers

“Fake Plastic Trees” Radiohead

“Pure Comedy” Father John MIsty

“Memories are Now” Jesca Hoop

“A Spoonful weights a ton” The Flaming Lips

I linked the Top 12 songs to their Youtube video, and I plan to link the Near Misses if there were fewer of them. Enjoy!

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