For the love of music

Dearest Diary,

At exactly 9:30:10 – Hannah turned on a record. 

It was quite a disturbing racket! I was trying to nap, and got woken up by strange reverb and muffled laughter. She calls it “CA-ME-DEE”. I never really understand her strange language, but she insists on talking to me. 

– Back to this record – I kept staring at the player, sending it mind messages to stop or break. But her and her boyfriend kept on smiling. 

I attempted to go back to sleep once it was mostly talking, BUT THEN – the most amazing sounds I’ve ever heard! I just had to close my eyes and let it sink in. It ended far too quickly for my liking.

I usually enjoy the music Hannah puts on because I can continue sleeping through it. So I was surprised by this particular one. 

Well played, music. Well played.

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