Sharing Songs

I love music! DON’T YOU?

It is an important mood changer, motivator, inspiration, and part of life. Without music, my world would be very quiet…I listen to records, shuffle songs, or music podcasts at some point during every day. Even at work, I need some background music to inspire the children to write creatively or have a dance party to get rid of energy! Silence can be golden, but not when it becomes eerie.

Hearing new artists and types of music is such a treat – podcasts like “AllSongsConsidered” and “SoundOpinions” make that really easy and fun 🙂

I thought it would be great to try and get all kinds of music in one place!

HOW? I joined Twitter recently (aka about an hour ago!), but I want to start a music campaign with my blog. By using #MusicManiaNow and @hannanabanana9post songs you like, new things you listened to, videos, concerts, articles, whatever (as long as it is music-related)!

YOU READY? I am! Let’s get the #MusicMania to go global.

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