The Volumes of Veggetti

For Christmas, my boyfriend got me a Veggetti maker – due to moving recently, I wasn’t able to use it until now. But I am super excited by it! I have cooked Spaghetti Squash and thought it was really yummy, and one of my friends kept telling me how she made veggie pasta so it was in my mind.

Through “The Volumes of Veggetti,” I will show you all the different recipes and ideas I infuse with vegetables to make some really yummy pasta 🙂

I. Zucchini with a parmesan cream sauce

I chose zucchini as the first ingredient because it is one of the more common vegetables to be easily made into Veggetti. The maker is very simple to use! All I had to do was cut off an end of the zucchini and pick which side to grate from (thin or thick) and turn. I made a basic sauce tonight because I have been resting with a cold and wasn’t feel too adventurous on the eating front. There is a recipe for pesto zucchini pasta, which I am looking forward to testing out soon!




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