7 Strategies for Working out with a Job

1. Write it down

      I am big on holding myself accountable, especially if it is written down. It is like a list in which something doesn’t get crossed off, and working out should NOT be left for last! If it is in permanent ink on your calendar, then can’t be skipped. It is more of a motivator for you to get through everything for that day, and even a short workout should always be included at least every other day in the week.

2. Workout directly before or after work

      Don’t let yourself relax or motivation is a goner! I know many teachers and individuals who wake up super early to workout before they go into work 😮 I know that I am too slow in the mornings already that if I set an earlier alarm, I would just hit snooze and miss my workouts. So, I try to workout when I get home or go straight to classes. It can be hard to get back in the rhythm of things, especially after the holidays (and it has been a slow beginning for me as well); but once your body gets used to working out again (or at all), it will be worth it!

3. Be prepared

       Bring snacks and your clothes to work, so that there is an even less chance that you will feel the need to bail! If all that stands in your way is changing and eating, your mind will feel more confident than needing to head home first.

4. Do something you’ll love 

        Zumba was my first fun workout! I love to dance and sing-along to the music, and there are often many instructors who have varying styles of music and dance tastes. It was a great way to de-stress! Now that I do not have access to a free gym (like I did while at school), I have to find another way to workout – I have found that Zumba classes are usually only offered through a gym 😦

      However, I started doing Pilates at home with Youtube as well as an app on my TV. It is a very nice, core-strengthening and body toning (yet also relaxing) way to exercise! I have bad shoulders due to hunching them throughout most of high school, so it is also a great way to constantly be reminded about “pushing my shoulders back and down.”

      Thanks to my sister, I have touched the surface of Burncycle – which is cycling mixed with zumba in a sense. It is like a dance party, but on a bike! The instructors also have their own styles of music and ways to motivate all the cyclists. It does cost quite a bit, and with my teacher’s salary, it has to be more of a treat to go at the moment, unfortunately.

5. Tell someone close to you 

        I know that if I tell my boyfriend, roommate, or coworkers that I am going to workout, they either want to come with or hear all about it afterwards. if you didn’t end up going (without good reason like being sick), you will feel guilty. It is simply another way of holding yourself accountable near the beginning of working out. Eventually, you will love telling everyone about the fun classes or exercises you are doing! Other people can also be your motivator if they want to come along – I had quite a few roommates who joined in on Zumba or would do Pilates with me, and it really does make it more fun 🙂

6. Find your motivating music

       Everyone has their own workout anthem and music that gets them pumped up! Find yours and start playing as you are getting changed into your gear to get your mind in the right place. Music is meant to shape your mood, so if you can find the right song to get you ready to exercise, then you will never want to quit. Burncycle and Zumba are equipped already with music in the class, which helps because you hear songs that sometimes you forget about but they always great beats. For Pilates, i play what matches the strain of the workout with Pandora. Sometimes, I am doing a more stretching-based video, for which I would play the Norah Jones station – versus a squats or Tabata focused session where I would put on something rockier.

7. Have fun

       Working out shouldn’t be a chore. Get it into your routine as well as your job and errands, and it will become something else in your day. It hopefully becomes a fun part de-stresser! If you stick with #4, then it will be something you enjoy doing. The endorphins that are released after working out really help keep you in a positive mindset – I know it can be rough due to a long day at work, but YOU CAN DO IT!


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