REPOST! 7 Strategies for Working out with a Job

It is the first Sun’s Out, Guns Out day since I started the Distinct Days concept, SO I thought I would reblog my very first Pump it Up post! I still agree with these 7 strategies (I have to remind myself of them on occasion and with every new job, it can difficult to find the time). I hope you can find solace in them if you are struggling, and appreciate them if you already have a hold on your job and workout regime!

Hannah's Happenings!

1. Write it down

      I am big on holding myself accountable, especially if it is written down. It is like a list in which something doesn’t get crossed off, and working out should NOT be left for last! If it is in permanent ink on your calendar, then can’t be skipped. It is more of a motivator for you to get through everything for that day, and even a short workout should always be included at least every other day in the week.

2. Workout directly before or after work

      Don’t let yourself relax or motivation is a goner! I know many teachers and individuals who wake up super early to workout before they go into work 😮 I know that I am too slow in the mornings already that if I set an earlier alarm, I would just hit snooze and miss my…

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