Sinuses slowing me down

It has been tough to get back into working out on a more daily basis, because I have been sick for two weeks now with a sinus infection!! Before my shoulder/neck was tweaked so I did not want to aggravate it, but I was so ready to get back into the routine once it was all better – I had a bit of a stuffy nose when I went to BurnCycle but then it just flared up and hurt my face so much. I did Pilates last Tuesday (then felt awful for the week), so the routine went down the drain. Now, I think I am on the end of being sick, yet again, and I did a Pilates routine today and plan to take the stairs either on my way up or down from the apartment. I don’t workout because I need to lose weight, but it is good to keep your body in shape. Also, with my sore shoulders and neck (thanks to bad posture!),  it is very important for strengthening my muscles. I’m ready for working out every other day and connecting it with when I blog as well, which will get Hannah’s Happenings into my routine in a fun way too!

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