Reviving my Record Player

I have already mentioned that I love to play music often throughout my days, but since I moved, I haven’t really touched my records as much as I used to..! My record player is now in the shared living room in the one-bedroom apartment, which means I don’t have full control of when to play my music and not disturb my boyfriend (who often works at the dining table). It used to be in my room, and I would put on records while reading or modpodging or simply singing along to my favorites! There are times now when we each put on a record while we are eating dinner, like with Reggie Watts’ “Live at Third Man Records” or Nathan’s Captain Beefheart album. On Valentine’s Day, I came home to jazz music playing on the turntable and it was my gift of a Duke Ellington record 🙂 So my record player definitely gets used and I love it, but it has been on the backburner.

This weekend, I have played records a bit more and remembered what I have by putting on ones whose listen count is quite low. Today, I played Laura Marling and Seasick Steve, while relaxing and doing Pilates (guess which was on for what activity). I forgot how much I love both of their music! I really want to get back in to playing albums, whether it is mine or Nathan’s, every day after work.

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