The Perplexing Question DAY 18/31 March SOL

This post was inspired by a writing technique I learned from another slicer – flipping open to a random page in a nearby book and using a quote! This one is from The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion, p. 96

I am also writing through my CAT, Patches, perspective for this one. If you enjoy this, there are a few more posts on the “Pawing around with Patches” page on my blog 🙂

“It was too complex a question to answer over the wind noise as we pulled away from the lights”

As we drove back from where Hannah calls “You-jean,” I was sitting in my crate quietly and pondering life’s biggest question. It is a question that, as a male feline who never leaves my humble abode, I think about constantly. What are those big things with flapping paws out the window, and why do they make me tingly? I love the ledge that Hannah has setup for me because I can rest while making sure that the world around our house is still standing. However, anytime that those huge creatures float onto the top of building near us, I am just mesmerized! They catch my eyes instantly and I just watch them until they somehow disappear into the sky.

After watching something Hannah calls “Black Mirror” on the box that has moving images, I think these big floating things could be rrr-oh-bots. Hannah and I cannot float like they do, and we have normal-moving paws (she doesn’t always walk on hers the correct way, except during this thing she calls Pi-la-tees). Rohbots would make the most sense because they are not always on the building, which means it isn’t their home. Hannah hasn’t fully learned my language yet – we have been together more than a year! – so she does not understand when I question the flapping paws and the pointy mouth. Having lived many years, I am sticking with my idea for what they are. Definitely Rohbots. This question will always be with me..



Personal day 10, started late! (going to do all 31 days – just heading into April as well)

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