Desire for Dessert

This post relates to my eating roots SO well! I must have something sweet after eating my dinner – I think in order to make me finish certain parts of my meals, my mother would bribe me with getting dessert afterwards. BUT NOW, I am cursed into needing at least a piece of candy after I finish my food ha.

nudge. wink. report.

MAIN-Mary-Berry Demonstration of portion control. I do love a moist sponge, laws yes.

(The goal for today’s post is a simple one: At all costs avoid any mention of He Who Must Not Be Named. If I screw that up, my wife kicks me in the marzipan. Again. –Ed.)

Truth, Justice, and the American way. Simple, lofty ideals that sound good but are easier said than done.

We’ll take a look at a typical American family and see how they incorporate these values into their modest daily lives. Something tells me it will be a real treat.

In the Taker household, dessert time is a special time. It’s a sacred time.

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