Banana bread gone bad..? DAY 17/31 March SOL

There once was a girl named Hannah

who tried cooking bread with banana.

Flour fell to the floor,

which meant bread no more.

The banana instead became pudding. 

The limerick above was inspired by the one and only time that I tried to make something from scratch. One of my cookbooks had a recipe for home-made banana bread, and I thought I would give it a try! I gathered all the ingredients and mashed the fruit. But sifting the flour became the death of the bread…:( The holes in my strainer were too BIG, so most of the flour ended up on the ground, Any good baker knows that flour is crucial for bread to rise, so it was more of a pudding consistency – still really yummy! I would love to bake from scratch, but need the correct size of sifter before I will start again.



Personal day 9, started late!


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