Simple pleasures of Sweets (Tuesday SOL)

(in the tune of “Come Together” by The Beatles”)

Here comes the cravings

for some sweet dessert.

I must fulfill it

or I’ll be disturbed.

A cookie, cake, or chocolate.

Got to eat a lil’ bit

So I can be pleased!

Sweets are needed, right now, after meals.


After eating dinner or something savory, I usually need to switch it up for my taste buds – so I gravitate towards sweets! Some days, I can eat fruit or a small piece of chocolate; however, other times, I need a piece of cake or ice cream for an extra special treat.


Last weekend, my boyfriend and I went to this local cupcake shop near us that we have been wanting to try for ages. They were amazing! (very rich though) There was a multitude of flavors separated into categories, including Boston Cream, Lavender, Green Tea, Tiramisu, and many more. The cupcakes have a vanilla or chocolate bottom, but then the top is cream-filled and dipped in a ganache…mmmmm :p


We ordered three each (Tiramisu, Almond marzipan, and Chocolate cheesecake as well as Boston Cream, Lemon, and Pina Colada). We took bites of each one, and instantly were in a dessert coma of satisfaction! I couldn’t finish my third cupcake because of the rich cream from the others, but they were very yummy cupcakes 🙂



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