(Work Wednesday) Building Bookmarks was a BLAST!

Today, I successfully taught my first lesson for the fifth graders 😀 

Since it is the first week of school (second day just ended :o), the 5th grade team and I have decided to not start full-blown teaching until the second week. That means, we have been doing logistical things, ice breaker games, activities that teach us more about the kids, and some that are just FUN!

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My activity connects with reading because the students were creating bookmarks – HOWEVER, these aren’t just ordinary bookmarks made from strips of paper. These bookmarks “eat” the page and look like animals or creatures! I learned how to create them as a Girl Scout camp counselor years and years ago, but had never taught the steps to anyone else (let alone children).

Since the other two teachers did not know how to make them, I had the opportunity to teach the project twice. I printed out the bookmark template and planned how I would break down the steps (after anticipating how slow to go). Right from the start, the students were amazed by the google images and very focused 🙂 They all made such awesome and adorable bookmarks that they love.

Steps to make a (monster) corner bookmark

1. Show examples (via google or your own)

2. Give a few minutes to let students think of their animal

3.  Let them pick the base color (should be the same as the actual animal body                     color)

4. Hand out corner bookmark templates

5. Line up bookmark template with the body color construction paper

6. Cut out solid lines

7. With bookmark template still on top, fold the dotted lines down

8. Glue top triangle flap to the bottom triangle flap (*leaving gap between bottom                triangle and paper*)

9. Add decorations to make it look like an animal!


I have attached the bookmark template to this post for teachers who want to recreate it – enjoy!

Image result for monster bookmark template

8 thoughts on “(Work Wednesday) Building Bookmarks was a BLAST!

      1. laughing, I hope so. I thought I was creative with my standard rectangle yet blinged out bookmarks – this level looks much more fun – I’m looking forward to doing them with my daughter and her friends 🙂

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