(TBT) Looking back at Lesson Plans


I will be reblogging posts from either my very first NewTeachrTips or early Hannah’s Happenings, and reminiscing/reflecting 🙂

After looking through NewTeachrTips (which is a blog I created during grad school), I found this post about the first lesson plan I created for my student teaching.

Today, I wrote my first lesson plan for my Reading course to teach in my fall placement. It really made me think about how close I am to actually being an elementary school teacher, which is pretty scary BUT exciting! I also started envisioning myself teaching a class, and altering things for my students. We will be teaching a full math lesson in a few weeks, which is a great way to end this term before we start part-time teaching in the Winter – 😮 I can’t believe we will be doing that so soon! For the writing class this term, we reminisced on our drafts and pieces that we wrote throughout the course. There was a part about creating goals for the next few years, and it made me excited to start teaching and implementing my teacher’s curriculum.

Since it is almost the end of week 1 at my JOB :o, I thought this post really connected with me! On Monday, I will be teaching grammar and vocabulary to the students – which means I have to lesson plan and I still strive to differentiate for the kids. I am, of course, constantly “full-time teaching” now because I am an elementary teacher 😀 I wrote the quoted portion below on November 24, 2014…. WhAt?!  (Time FLIES)


Feel free to browse around my graduate school blog (link in first paragraph) – there will be more of it popping up on other Thursdays. Also the rest of the post is linked below!


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