(Music Monday) Songs in shows/films

As you have read, music is a quintessential part of my life! I grew up with my dad listening to music most of the day as well as showing me the “classic” movies – yesterday, I went to a concert where an orchestra played the music of different films, and I was able to figure out what movie it was just from a beginning theme 🎬

This showed me how important having a catchy melody is in order to create a community around the franchise 🎼 Harry Potter, Star Wars, and the TV show (Friends) all have songs that you could hum to let everyone know what it is.​


What is your favorite film or TV show theme? I am all about Indian Jones! 

17 thoughts on “(Music Monday) Songs in shows/films

  1. I wouldn’t know where to start! I love Indiana Jones too. Big Star Wars fan. Love LoTR and Pirates of the Carribean… Phantom of the Opera with Gerard Butler. The list goes on!

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  2. Soundtrack music is so important and totally make or break the longevity of a film. I’ve actually seen soundtracks to books being debuted so the reader gets the same multimedia experience.

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  3. I can think of so many movies that had the best soundtracks that ended up winning awards and gaining momentum beyond the movie. It is a very important part of a movie production. I agree.

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  4. Nice! I liked the short clip. It sounds awesome. Overall, the united work of orchestras amazes me. Even though, I prefer EDM, the sound tracks sometimes so catchy. I recently read an article about ‘millenial whoop’ and now hear that sound everywhere, as it is truly is everywhere. I would be curious to read if you have something to say about it.

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