Chocolate Cravings

I am aware that I missed the deadline for Flavor Friday, but I always do a Caturday post so I thought I could still make the cut (without breaking too many of my own rules :o)

I’m surprised that chocolate hasn’t been featured consistently on the “Food for Thought” page because I definitely need to fulfill my cravings every day! Chocolate is my weakness when it comes to trying to desserts. Cakes, cookies, doesn’t matter – as long as an essential ingredient is that delicious cocoa bean, I will be tempted and most likely eat it. During the week, I try to only eat smaller versions of chocolate like pieces of candy. But every few days, I need something more substantial like cake or cookies.

Last night, I had a delicious vegan dinner (the same place that I wrote about in “Vegan Variety”) and was very full. HOWEVER, a few hours later when Nathan and I were walking around, we stumbled upon Cheesecake Factory. He had never tried their cheesecake so we needed to go in. The menu had numerous cheesecakes with chocolate involved: snickers bar, white chocolate, chocolate chip cookie dough, and dozens more! I ended up choosing a chocolate hazelnut one with Nutella on was scrumptious 😀 Since I was so full, I only ate half of it (which means there is more to eat this weekend!)

Oh chocolate. You win again.


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