Achy bones and muscles

Working out has been tough because my shoulders and neck are very sore. In college, I went to the health center to have them looked at – the chiropractor gave me stretches to do to loosen the muscles as well as strengthening exercises. My back pain was fixed within a few months, but she said my shoulders and neck will be a lifelong thing. They are just very tight and weaker. I have been consistently doing my theraband, but it broke (I am waiting on a new one in the mail).

Motivation in the evenings after work is difficult as well because I am two months into school, and  constantly exhausted from the kids and getting up before 6 am. It doesn’t help that my neck and shoulders ache so much. Even my yoga has been tough to do, because everything is just so tight when I take deep breaths. I plan to get a doctor set up with my insurance and have them refer me to a chiropractor. However, that might take a few weeks since a doctor’s schedule fills up quickly. Long story short, I have not worked out in a long time 😮


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