Music Monday: Hearing the Holidays

As I write this post, I am listening to Sound Opinion’s holiday spectacular episode and flying back home for Christmas! This episode is very interesting because you hear songs that are uncommon and newly discovered. They are all ones that Andy Cirzan looks for every year and brings in unique songs.

There is something about Christmas songs that just put you in a positive place. Since I finished school on Friday, Nathan and I started watching our favorite Christmas movies (The Snowman, Charlie Brown Christmas, Garfield Christmas, Elf).

In my opinion, holiday music appears way too early on the radio and in stores – my mind isn’t ready until beginning of December usually. Even then, if I still have lots of work to do, holiday music can become distracting because you aren’t on break for a few weeks.

HOWEVER, I have been waking up with cheery tunes in my head most of this week! And now, there is only a week before my favorite holiday 🙂 It is difficult to pick an all-time favorite anything for me (Nathan was always asking me my favorite type of food, movie, or color when we first met and never got a straight answer ha).

With Christmas music, I can give you a favorite style – I love the classic old-timey songs, sung by people like Bing Crosby or Frank Sinatra (Michael Buble has made his way in the mix as well, since he has the same way of singing). My family heritage is British and so many of the songs I grew up with are not the typical ones heard on the radio. “Walking in the Air” from The Snowman is in the mix, as well as “Happy Christmas, War is Over.”

I am so pumped to start wrapping presents and doing festive things like the Zoo Lights, seeing the holiday boats on the river, and watching more classic movies.
And of course, now that I have moved away from my parents with Nathan, coming back home is more special than when I went away for college – it makes me feel more grown up!

We realized that this is the first flight we have been on together 😮 One of us has either driven up or flown by themselves to meet the other person for the holidays – but since we both live away now, it is a thing we can do together! The only sad part about this year is that Patches has to stay behind.. he is in the apartment with my sister’s cat, Kitten, this year (a pet sitter will be visiting daily) I made sure he had plenty of grub, and felt festive before we left.

I am really enjoying the songs in this episode! “A letter to Santa” Robert Parker, “Little tree that’s lonely” Bill Duckwitz on Quack Records (this song reminds me of the tree picked in Charlie Brown Christmas. It is so small and not the most favorable looking) as well as “Mr. Reindeer!” There is a mix of more upbeat funky as well as mellower ballad-style tunes. You can really hear the aged quality from the songs – I enjoy hearing the crackling of old records, it gives a classic feel.

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