Patches’ Pillow Pal

Meowy Christmas and a Pawy New Year! Patch here, and I am going to tell you about a dear friend of mine – Hannah’s pillow.

This squishy bud and I go back to the first night I came home! It made me feel comfortable by inviting me to share with the top of Hannah’s head.Ever since that day, we are always cozying up together while Hannah sleeps or just relaxes in the bed. This feathered-friend told me his name was Fred, and I can rely on him to always be in the same spot of the bed. I don’t usually lay on him unless Hannah is present because it is our shared sacred place of rest. Fred will always be part of our lives! He has been captured in many a picture with me and Hannah (and a few selfies)

As Hannah has left the building to see my furry cousins, it is up to me to keep Fred from being too homesick. We will cuddle and I’ll tell him what the outside air smells like from my window perch. He traveled in the back of the blue moving thing while I sat on Hannah’s lap and Nathan powered it with his feet, so this pillow has seen a lot as well.This is both of our first Christmases away since I found this wonderful home!

Anyway, Hannah is probably wondering how I am hacking her laptop while she is out of town so I gotta run. Happy Howlidays!

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