Music Makes Magic

I want you to think about a song you loved this month, last year, or even earlier in your life. What comes to mind when you hum along? Is it visions of the first time you heard it? Maybe, it’s what was happening in your life at the time of the tune? Why are these thoughts tied to this particular melody? This is what makes music so spectacular..the magic is in the memories 🙂

As I was listening to my Top 25 for 2017 playlist, it made me really happy to be triggering memories that went with each song. There are some that remind me of when I was introduced to a band, and others where I instantly know that I listened to it every day that month.

This Top 25 in particular has a mix of important times in my life – Nathan and I living together, then moving together in the summer, and finally settling in at our new humble abode. Every 3-6 months represents where I was that year (physically in my career and house as well as emotionally). I am very glad I started these monthly playlists..shout out to my DAD who inspired the idea, and John Peel, radio host, who is the ultimate creator of the monthly playlists and “Festive 50” at the end of the year.

While on a walk, Nathan and I started thinking about songs that we will always associate with our childhood – for me, it is the Bee Gees “Surfin Safari” and “Yolanda” by Pink Martini. “Surfin Safari” was often playing at our family friend’s house when we would go to their pool, while “Yolanda” is on a mix tape that may dad made me and I remember dancing with him to it.

The music to “Yolanda”, even though I haven’t listened to it in decades, is still burned into memory. Donde estas, donde estas Yolanda? Que paso, que paso Yolanda? Te busque, te busque, Yolanda. Y no estas, y no estas Yolanda (thrill of a horn, and instrumental break) 

And of course! I can’t forget the “Mission Impossible” Theme song being used many times while my sister and I became spies with dad to try and open his briefcase (we were held upside down and against the clock haha!)

Nathan told me his childhood song is “Rock Around the Clock” because he used that song to speed clean very often.

What’s a song that holds a strong memory for you? I would love to hear in the comments below 🙂

3 thoughts on “Music Makes Magic

  1. So many songs that trigger memories for me… the most unusual I would have to say is George Thorogood’s Bad To The Bone. It is my ambulance song. I had been in an accident and was going to the hospital to check out some cuts when the song came on the radio. I commented on it and the EMT asked if it was too loud… I told him to turn it up! LOL

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