“Walk out” for justice (DAY 14/31 March SOL)

I don’t normally write political posts, but since I am a teacher and school shootings directly affects me and my students, I am making an exception.

Earlier this week, some of the fifth and sixth grade students brought up the Walk Out to myself and other teachers – this would entail students who wanted to participate leaving the classroom at 10:00, walking to an agreed-upon location and having a moment of silence for 17 minutes. When we had a discussion with the whole fifth grade (that’s my class), most of the students wanted to write and say their reasons for walking out or feelings about guns. Another student wanted to lead a prayer for the victims. We ran both of these ideas and the whole concept with administration.

This morning, we had a very cordial and emotional discussion from 10:00 to 10:17 as a grade in the gym (a few students stayed back) – some students began to cry, and I cried during the prayer. It was a very meaningful and insightful conversation and moment to have with the students. It showed that we were all united against gun violence in schools, and all cared deeply for the shootings that have happened.

I was very proud that my students brought up the whole idea after hearing about it from older siblings – not many elementary schools participated because it is a very dark subject. The fifth grade handled it very well, under the circumstances.

10 thoughts on ““Walk out” for justice (DAY 14/31 March SOL)

  1. This is amazing. I work at an Elementary school and our faculty thought about participating but didn’t know how to quite facilitate this in our school. But it’s amazing that it was your kids that brought the idea to you and that you helped make it happen. This was an invaluable lesson for your school.

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