Flashback to last March Sol (DAY 15/31 March SOL)

A few months back, I started doing Throwback Thursday on occasion by posting links from either my first blog as a graduate student, or earlier in this blog’s life. Since I did the March SOL last year, I thought it would be fun to take a look and re-post as well as comment on something I wrote.

This post is called Memory Mischief and it was a song about my failure to recall interesting facts and some important parts of childhood. I wrote it on March 11, 2017. One verse was about Lumosity, which I tried with the free trial last year

I have done some games to train my brain,

But it tests on numbers and faces.

I am already good at remembering those

What, oh what, shall I do?

My dad bought himself the family pack at the beginning of this year and I have been trying to stay consistent with my three days a week of training! I think it is making me more focused and quicker to know some answers so far. My sister, boyfriend, and I played Catchphrase recently and I think I could respond faster with fewer clues than I originally could 🙂


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