Healthier for your heart (DAY 13/31 March SOL)

I have been kinda blue lately (boredom with routine and needing a break – which is coming up end of next week!) I know that the act of working out releases endorphins that alter your mood in a positive way.

The weather hasn’t been in my favor recently for Wag walking, but I’m hoping I can walk tomorrow because dogs have an ever-lasting smile. And if I walk up hills for an hour or so, I get out of breath.

Also if the weather continues to be wet, I’ll go to the gym in my complex or do at home exercises. I listen to music while doing it, and your body and mind feel happier.

3 thoughts on “Healthier for your heart (DAY 13/31 March SOL)

  1. Ha! Cute, cute picture. I got lucky here in Wyoming. It was 58 degrees and had nice walk around the golf course. You are so right about feeling better and wanting to do more. I could relate to your blueness and also agree with your remedy.

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