Calmness of a Cat

What is it about my cat that just instantly calms my soul?

He is so mellow in mood and loves to just lie with me when I come home from work. He quietly follows me around the house from room to room, sometimes letting out a quick meow. He just knows when he should be relaxed in his temperament 🙂 Patches, you are a great addition to my household – wouldn’t want any other fluffball.

What parts of your pets do you cherish?

6 thoughts on “Calmness of a Cat

  1. My two favorite things about is when he curls up on my chest and sleeps or watches a movie with me and when it is cold and he will sleep all night under a blanket curled up in the crook of my arm.
    When I have a nightmare and wake up,he is there just looking at me,purring and it settles me down.

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