Summer Stamina

The few months after Spring Break (leading up to summer) are tough to stay motivated and not lose the flow you previously had…

Last week, one of my students asked “why I seemed so mad” – in reality, my mood was just “not caring” that day. I was less enthused about calling on students and had a more melancholy tone. His comment made me realize that if I am having a day when I’m just over it, they can tell that something is different.

Some parts of my job can become very routine, especially if I teach the same style of lesson every time (workbook exercises and asking kids to read the directions/questions). I have to come up with different styles to keep myself interested, and this will lift the attention level of the students as well 🙂 They always love games, but it can be tough to include them with new concepts. Being interactive as a team or individually allows the energy to be raised, and makes learning way more fun for everyone!

Brainstorming, here I come…

What ways have you mixed up lessons with students, or made a presentation more engaging?

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