Wanting the Wild Weeks to Wait

It is important to get things out of your head,

so they do not linger while you’re in bed.

When discussing only adds to the stress,

what can one do with a brain full of mess?

Being organized is part of my job

and I don’t want to be a slob; 

however, life at home can take a toll

as if you are climbing an endless pole.

I try to remember to take one thing at a time, 

but it can tough when scheduling is on the line.

As the school year comes to an end,

I have plans to see my friends

which makes May through June booked with amends..

This poem is helping keep my mind off,

but it is only temporary…and so I scoff!



24 thoughts on “Wanting the Wild Weeks to Wait

  1. It’s a nice poem Hannah and writing is a great way to get the thoughs out of our mind and feel relief. Practising writing work as a theraphy if we are struggeling with some stress.

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