Summertime “Sadness”

When school was over, parents and other teachers were asking what I was doing over the summer…my answer was quite a boring one – “I don’t know, working probably.” I know there are many teachers who end up working during the summer, or even during the school year (as I did with Wag walking and homework club after school). I would love to connect through stories in the comments below. 

The truth hurts, but it is that I hadn’t planned to do any trips because I simply can’t afford it. I have always been pretty good at budgeting and being aware of how much money I had in the bank, but it is often check to check. How can I think of vacations when I am scrounging to balance groceries and having fun in between paychecks? 

The summer job that I have isn’t difficult, but is a 9-5 job with an hour commute due to traffic. This means that my first “summer off” as a legit elementary teacher consists of only weekends and a few hours in the evening. There are some weeks where I didn’t work five days, but only a few days off when it is meant to be a whole two months has been difficult.

Now that summer is coming to its last few weeks, I am a bit defeated. I do have the last week with my friend in town – but as of right now, I am working half days that week because I couldn’t find a friend who would sub for me and the boss seemed concerned with me taking the whole week off. Nathan said one of his friends might be interested, so I will check with him. BUT he does not have a car so I don’t think it is a possibility.

I want to save up for a fun trip that Nathan and I can go on next summer for sure! My friend is moving to London and some of my extended family lives in Europe, so I would love to catch up with her as well as introduce Nathan to some cousins 🙂

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