Women who workout! Me?

I am drawn to the Facebook pictures and Insta-stories of successful workouts that some friends post – but am conflicted if I could become someone who loves staying healthy through exercising more consistently.

Since graduating college, I joined a gym and took classes twice a week for about a month – but then, work exhaustion caught up to me, making the drive to the gym incomparable to a show on the couch with Nathan and Patch.

Now that we have moved states and I have a more settled teaching job (yay – no more subbing!), I went to the apartment gym a few times and did at home yoga for a few months. But so far, working out is always placed on hold when I am too tired and would rather just relax.

We have moved to a new apartment in the same state, and I joined a gym that is only a few minutes from our place. It has fun classes like zumba and spinning, and is women only 😮 After taking my first spinning class, I felt revitalized! I met with a personal trainer and asked about what weight-related exercises I could do as I am worried about the weakness of my arms (some of this is due to my shoulder and neck pain). I want to go the gym twice a week to take spinning and possibly one of her classes (body sculpt), and do the weights at home on the other days.

But the next Tuesday (this past week), I was far too tired and didn’t go to the class. It was my birthday week, so I was doing more things after my summer job each day. I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t too wrecked to celebrate with friends on my actual birthday.

Working out is not only healthy, but makes you feel amazing because of the endorphins. How do you stick to it after getting home from a long day at work? Feel free to give tips in the comments below

4 thoughts on “Women who workout! Me?

  1. Ease of access was a big thing for me. I used to go to a gym about 2 blocks from where I worked, but when the gym moved about a mile out of my way I only made it once a week for a while and then stopped going all together. When I live in another town that had a great trail system I loved to get out and just walk in nature. I truly think the key is finding something – a class, a trainer, or a perfect setting – that you deeply enjoy. If it is not fun somehow you will not stick with it.

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