Hit the ground running!

My school has a two week summer training/bonding experience that leads up to the first day back. Today marks the last day of the first week – there have definitely been laughs and new connections 🙂 I am now in third grade, and have been getting closer with the co-teacher and fellow grade teachers. The second floor had to pack up their classrooms due to construction, so I helped unload lots of the boxes. And then, it was time to decorate the walls for bulletin boards! I love decluttering and making things look nice. It also really makes the start of the year feel like it is upon us when the classroom is setup for the new kiddos.

Through games, activities, and singing, we have been brought closer together as a whole school. There were only a few nuts and bolts for the first week to let us slowly transition back to our school brains (we still had to wake up early again..ha). Today, we were split into different groups (yoga, Challah baking, art, and a game). Last year, I had chosen yoga, which was very relaxing, but I was jealous of my friends’ Challah loaves :p SO I made sure that I signed up to bake…mmmm!

Next week is mostly meetings about testing, various programs, and trainings..but if we never reviewed the curriculum and new guidelines, it could lead to more stress during the year.

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