(March SOL) The world of weddings

My friend got married yesterday 🙂 Since there was a full church service, her ceremony was a bit longer than others I had been to – BUT usually in less than an hour, you are pronounced husband and wife 😮 It seems crazy how quickly it is all over, and the celebrating begins. You did so much planning and hours on your hair and makeup, just for it to be done in the blink of an eye. The party and dinner last hours, but you are officially a married couple!

2 thoughts on “(March SOL) The world of weddings

  1. Congratulations for your friend! So true – months to plan for something that takes hours to enjoy and be over with. But I feel like that is representative of many things. Anytime I have family/friends over for dinner, it takes days to prepare the house grocery shop, and cook. They stay for a couple of hours and back to cleaning up the mess I made to prepare! Or Christmas – – the hours I spend looking for the perfect gifts, take time to wrap each one nicely, and about 20 minutes later there is a mess of wrapping paper, bows and boxes waiting to be cleaned up. But what does last longer are the memories!

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    1. That is a very good point! Days that are filled with busy plans go by so fast, because you are having fun. The memories will be forever 🙂 and I’m sure for her, the ceremony was wonderful and did not feel rushed.


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