(March SOL) Butterflies flutter by

As I am driving in my car, I notice a pair of dancing butterflies – they are so mesmerizing as I sit in traffic. Before I know it, I am enveloped by these most majestic flying creatures! They make little tornadoes with their bodies as if they are welcoming me to fly away with them. As I watch, I swear they are making eye contact and smiling 🙂 They are circling and zooming so fast that I feel my car could lift off into the sky. Suddenly, there must have been a signal because they start fluttering every which way down the street and out of sight. 

After this gorgeous view into nature, I had to look up why there were so many butterflies zooming around the streets in my neighborhood – I had seen a group on the weekend as well, but what I witnessed today was simply magical! According to this article (click for link), the higher rainfall this year has attracted these “miniature Monarchs” called Painted Ladies in the billions – I think it simply wonderful.

4 thoughts on “(March SOL) Butterflies flutter by

  1. Hannah! What a gorgeous butterfly photo! I really like this line: They are circling and zooming so fast that I feel my car could lift off into the sky. I like the way that sentence makes me feel. I know that feeling when u r watching something mesmerizing! Thanks for sharing

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  2. I love learning things about nature- I’m a big hiker and always have my phone so I can look up plants or find out what bird is making a call. Your post allowed me to get lost in the prose too- thank you!

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