(March SOL) Reconnecting with reading…trying!

When I was a child, you couldn’t pay me to pick up a book and actually read for enjoyment! But as an adult, I do like to sit down and relax with a book – when working at the daycare, I loved spending my hour-long lunches reading at the Starbucks down the street. It gave me a sense of space and quiet from the screaming babies and toddlers :p I was reading a book every two weeks almost!

Since I have started teaching, it can be hard to be inspired when I am home, especially because I am so exhausted. I just want to sit in front of the tv these days. I have tried to pick up a few books, and just don’t get sucked in. There was a book that I liked over winter break, but then I started doing it as an audiobook and I couldn’t go back to physically reading it 😮

HOWEVER! I am really into this book now called “Never world wake” – I couldn’t put it down last night, and was upset that I forgot to bring it to work to read on my lunch! I am glad that it might have just been the genre of book or maybe the timing of when I was reading that made my mind disinterested. I am hoping I can continue to read when I get home from work. I really want to sit and relax with a good story, but sometimes my brain just wants to stare ha.

7 thoughts on “(March SOL) Reconnecting with reading…trying!

  1. I LOVE to read, but it can be so hard to fit it in during certain parts of the school year. By the way, audiobooks totally count as reading, so don’t feel badly about that. I may have to check out Neverworld Wake. Have you read Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard? Thanks for the Slice, and thanks for the book recommendation!

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