(March SOL) Inspiring Moment!

“How do you snap?” asked Sasha (not her real name)

“Well you put your thumb and second finger together, and move them quickly like this” I responded

She then attempted it and it barely made a sound.

“You want to have the second finger hit your palm, and do it quicker” I suggested.

She tried it again… and her face lit up

“I did it! I can snap!!!! I can’t wait to tell my mom when she gets home”

Mom arrives about 10 minutes later

“Mom!!! I have to show you something” snaps with a sound

I felt so proud that I made an impact on her life 🙂 When I shared the story with Nathan, he told me that she will always remember that I was the one to taught her how to snap!

These are the moments that make teaching and working with children wonderful 😀

4 thoughts on “(March SOL) Inspiring Moment!

  1. My daughter (age 8) is desperate to learn how to snap. I have tried and tried. Maybe I need to sign her up for a lesson from you! It’s so fun to think about our students and how we teach them every day things they’ll be doing for the rest of their lives.

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