(March SOL) Letting the stew “stew” in my mind

I find it tough to have the energy to make dinner when I come home, but the crock pot is the best fix! I put a few veggies in a broth last night and turned it on to 4 hours this morning – voila! A delicious stew is done when I get home 🙂 I made some quick rice to go with it, and scooped out of the crock pot. This dish has canned tomatoes, lentils, peas, and mushrooms with water and some spices (so simple!)

Mmm leftovers for tomorrow too

4 thoughts on “(March SOL) Letting the stew “stew” in my mind

  1. There’s nothing better than opening the door when you get home and smelling dinner from the crock pot! My problem is getting everything ready the night before in order to get it going before work the next morning.

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