Homemade for the Holidays!

Now that it is officially December and the countdown until Winter Break/Christmas has begun…it can only mean it’s time for BAKING! I always love the holidays because there are so many different yummy treats that need to be eaten – and many of them can be made fairly easily 🙂 

Nathan and I started making pumpkin pie last year for Thanksgiving, so this year was no different. Unfortunately, I was sick until early evening but Nathan baked it amazingly on his own. 

Since it is the holiday time and I enjoy baking, I have to watch the holiday shows – there is one called “The Holiday Baking Championship” and it is very fun and gives me ideas for what to make.

On Monday while driving back from school, I decided that I wanted to bake an apple pie. Tuesday, I looked up a recipe and which apples you should use – I know that some are juicier and fall apart more than others. After selecting Fuji and Cortland apples, we got to work on chopping, peeling, and coreing. (We do not have any of the fancy tools to make this process easier btw :o) It takes quite a bit of time to hand peel and core apples. 

I also thought it would be fun and ambitious to create the lattice top of the pie, inspired by Bake Off haha! It turned out surprisingly well 😀 Then the nerves of baking set in…I knew that sometimes pie dough if worked too much could melt from the butter getting too warm in your hands…

After about an hour and ten minutes, it looked so delicious! We made a successful apple pie 🙂 I am eating a slice right now ha.

*Also as I am writing this post, there are peppermint flavored and pink meringues in the oven*