Quackity Quack! What a Comeback (Day 1 of 365) #blogaday

As this video popped up on the JumboTron, worry and guilt came over me – I sent Nathan to get food at the end of the play and this is the ICONIC song for Duck Fans. As I sang along, I kept hoping he was going to appear on the stairs of our row. As the song comes closer to finishing, I realize that I need apologize profusely and expect him to be somewhat mad. He hands me my hotdog once the fourth quarter has started back up again…

The rest of the quarter is very high energy and intense for the crowd – back and forth fumbles between Oregon and Wisconsin lead fans into uncertainty of who will win this one point game..!!


“A little bit louder now (shout), a little bit louder now!”

As the game ends, the song that brings fans back to their beloved Autzen Stadium plays over the speakers and pumps The Ducks up after a great Rose Bowl win and game. I am so glad that Nathan got to partake in the festivities that are “Shout” from Animal House haha!

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