Jumpstarting January with Gym Time (Day 2 of 365) #blogaday

Not only am I doing the blogaday challenge, but my friend and I are completing the blogilates challenge for 2020! It involves two different exercise sets of 20 reps for the first 20 days of January.

I completed the first day yesterday, which was 20 squats and 20 rope climbers. Just before this post, I completed day 2 (20 cobra pushups and 20 roll ups) – when I was starting the squats yesterday, I felt confident that doing 20 would be easy. I realized today that 20 reps of certain exercises can be challenging! The cobra pushups hurt my arms for sure 😮 I posted the link below to the first week of the challenge if you want to join in 🙂 She will post the other weeks when we get there.

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