Ready to read? (Day 11 out of 365) #blogaday

How come it is so simple to get stuck in the rut of watching tv for hours on end?

It can be tricky to get in the groove of reading a book when there are shows! I used to have lunch breaks in which I sat and read for an hour every day, it was so satisfying 😀 I could just get lost in another world or someone else’s poetry and not think about the daily stresses. I no longer have the luxury of that long lunch of relaxing, but it shouldn’t be hard to read when I get home right?

After working all day, my brain simply wants to sit and not have to think. Reading can sometimes be tiring if my eyes are strained or my brain just wants to turn off. However when I do tell myself “no shows,” I enjoy reading a book or listening to a podcast or music instead. It’s a shame that I have to somewhat force myself to pick up a book on the weekends or after work.

I want to try and read more this year (get back to reading before bed and when I come home)!

I am currently almost done with Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash 🙂

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