Meandering towards Meditation (Day 12 out of 365) #blogaday

My boyfriend, Nathan, has been meditating a couple days a week for a few months now, and it seems to really help him calm his mind. I have been feeling a bit anxious towards my job and my acupuncturist thinks my pulse is often quickened (which means I might be anxious even if I’m not conscious of it).

I do yoga once a week and have missed it due to the holidays and such, but it is good for tight muscles as well as calming down. Something about taking deep breaths centers your focus again and let’s your brain relax more.

Today I decided to download the app, Headspace, which Nathan has been using and it has a free two week trial. I did my first session of 5 minutes tonight and it was very simple – I focused on my breath and closed my eyes. I really felt like my mind had emptied a lot of stresses and I’m hoping it will benefit overall 🙂

The beginner session is ten sessions and helps you learn about meditation. There are also categories for different types of meditation. I plan to explore the anxiety/stress sessions once I get more into it.

4 thoughts on “Meandering towards Meditation (Day 12 out of 365) #blogaday

      1. He goes under the covers for a few minutes with me but usually comes out – sometimes for Nathan, he has slept on his chest for most of the night. Patches usually likes to sleep near my head on the pillow though

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