Dancing the Night Away! (19/365) #blogaday

As I mentioned in my zumba post, I really love to dance!

When we first moved here a few years ago, my friend and I decided to look into line dancing bars and start learning the songs. We have continuously gone at least once a month (it was every week for a while), and now we know most of the songs that are played 🙂 There are still some new ones that appear depending on the instructor or the place we go to; however, we can either pick it up or they will teach it eventually as a lesson.

Last night, since neither of us have work today for MLK Day (yay teacher’s having the day off), we went to one of the local line dancing places – they played almost every song we know!! We danced from 4 pm until about 9 pm and only sat down maybe once 😮 I am definitely feeling it in my muscles today, but I get so amped up and have a great time. Yesterday, there were quite a few high school age girls who were celebrating and it was fun helping them learn the dances (also hearing their reactions to some more complicated moves haha).

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