Biking brings beauty and bliss (18/365) #blogaday

As a kid, I used to love biking to the local sandwich shop or park with friends and I never really do that as an adult (partially because I did not have a bike anymore). When Nathan and I moved down here, I asked mom if I could take her bike since she stopped riding it – it needed some work on the tires, but then it was good to go!

The weather here can be temperamental for me, usually too hot. But today was a mild 70 degrees and I knew that we had to get out there. We started off riding around the neighborhood so there would be less traffic and I could get my bearings again riding on the streets. We actually found a nice loop that led back to our apartment 🙂 I could probably do that on my own after work one day as a way to get outside and a little bit of exercise.

After taking a short water break, we decided to bike to a strip of restaurants and coffee shops that we normally walk to. We knew that there was a big hill, so we tried to take side streets when we could and then go to the main street. It was such a perfect day for a bike ride! There was a nice breeze, but still patches of sun so you could get that good ol’ Vitamin D. I was standing up as we went down hills and noticing the beautiful greenery around us.

We stopped off for a sweet treat at a coffee shop once we arrived at our destination – they bake delicious zucchini bread with chocolate chips 😮 And then we both said we should get some fresh bread from the bakery (pumperknickel). We biked back down a side street that went all the way home, and had a smoothie with some bread and avocado. Then, it was time for a much deserved nap.

Besides a few hills, the bike ride was smooth and cars would be cautious so it didn’t make me uncomfortable. We also only crossed a main road with a traffic light once. Something about being in nature can really set your mood and calm your mind!

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